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London 13.10.2015
Team HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS to participate in the Longines Masters in Paris 



























Today, HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS founder, Matthias Schäfter, announced the official participation of his team in the Longines Masters series in Paris. The world’s best riders will compete in each of the three rounds for one million Euros worth of prize money. Additionally, the rider who manages to win all three Longines Masters in sequence would also get the one million Euro Masters Grand Slam bonus. The prize for two wins in sequence is a hefty 500,000 Euro and a bonus of 250 000 is awarded for two non-consecutive wins in the Longines Masters series.


Longines is the title sponsor of the series. Gucci, which was the official partner of the Gucci Masters in Paris in the last six years, will continue to support the series and award a Gucci Gold Cup at each of the three Longines Masters competitions – on each Saturday night. Airbus,Dassault Falcon, the Jockey Club of Hongkong, Ceneca, Emirates, Massimo Dutti, Land Rover, Hyatt, Opera Gallery, Mercedes Benz, Laiterie de Montaigu, Barons de Rothschild, Shanghai Tang, Amade, Eurosport, TVB, Equidia, LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Le Figaro, L’Équipe, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Equestrio, Hong Kong Tatler will also support the Masters Series.


In 2009, the concept of the Masters was first presented by EEM and held in Paris. The Grand Slam competitions in Tennis served as an example for this concept. The series quickly developed further and was expanded in 2013 to Hong Kong and in 2014 to Los Angeles. The prestigious equestrian jumping event spread to 120 countries, where it has been followed by around 550 million people.


The team of HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS is participating with its German showjumper Matthias Schäfter and with the Croation showjumper Anamarija Hodko at the beginning of December in Paris for the first time in this series. Uwe Dost, co-founder and Chairman of HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS says, “We are all looking forward to participating in this popular Masters series. Our goal, from a sporting point of view, is for our horse and riders to perform well on a large international stage like this. From a business point of view, we will be able to convey the philosophy of our business group to a large international public, just through our presence in this series. We are proud of the fact that we have this opportunity so soon after positioning ourselves on the market.”

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