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London 11.01.2015
Team HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS successful in the final at the Kreutner New Year show jumping competition 2015 




The HFC team won a sensational second place at today’s final in the jumping competition Kl L m St. of the New Year show jumping event in the Osbayernhalle in Kreuth-Rieden with Anamarija Hodko and her white horse “Furano Fun de Cryenveledn”.



 Anamarija Hodko on Furano Fun de Cryenveledn

Matthias Schäfter, founder and CEO of HFC, who won third place on the Wurttemberg mare “Latina” after a long break from active show jumping said, “We can be very satisfied with this result, in view of the short preparation time. We can see where our horses are currently and what we need to work on to work even more consistently at the upcoming competitions.”

Matthias Schäfter on Latina

Angel investor and Chairman of the HFC, Uwe Dost, who was an enthusiastic spectator at the competition says: “We already knew – and you could also see it on the day – that each of our horses has enormous potential for development. This realisation makes us very positive about the future of the HFC.”

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