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Only a few days to go until the event of the year!

Win top prizes in our raffle!

Each HFC Equestrian Club-Member will be an automatic participant in the following special draw on the 17th of November, 2015:


By entering the draw, you pay the full processing fee and annual HFC EQUESTRIAN CLUB membership dues for 2015 and 2016!


The following special prizes will be awarded to the winners of the draw:

1. Prize - 1x 2Tickets


VIP tickets to the Longines Masters of Paris for the Grand Prix on Sunday, the 6th of December 2015.


2. Prize - for 5 people:


A course at our facility in Croatia over three days in the spring, conducted by a former Nations' Cup rider. (Exact date and agenda to be announced soon).


i: travel and accommodation are not included in the price, but may be organised and booked by us. The training and the feeding and stabling of the horse are included in the price, as well as meals for the winners with us on site during the training!

3. Prize - for 10 people:


Five day training camp at our facility in Croatia plus participation in a competition in Croatia at the conclusion. (Exact date and agenda to be announced soon).


4. Prize - for 15 people:


Voucher to the amount of € 50.00 on all HFC offers.


i: Each of the maximum of 15 winners receives a coupon of € 50.00 for all HFC offers.



Our members will soon be able to register for courses in the usual manner. We will be publishing the forms with all the other details from 25th of November on our website.

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