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London 20.11.2014
Founding of Horses for Champions

Horses for Champions Ltd., abbreviated as HFC, was founded today by the German showjumper Matthias Schäfter. HFC’s goal is to build up an as yet unprecedented international group of companies whose synergies cover all commercial factors of modern equestrian sport.


One of HFCs core tasks is the breeding and preparation of optimally suited sport horses for international equitation, as well as carrying out and maintaining sustainable and solid training of sport horses. The name recognition of the HFC brand is to be enhanced by the marketing of exclusive equestrian products through an online shop. GFC Europe, which is located in London, will assist HFC as an institutional business angel from the seed phase of the founding of the company and will take on the chairing of the board of directors with the chairman and CEO Uwe Dost, as well as the management of the group.

German show jumper and founder of HORSES FOR CHAMPIONS Matthias Schäfter
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